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It's All a Mystery to Me.

We should take comfort from:
When we are gone the past which never was will be forgotten.

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Nick Fier
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Veronique San Leandro art work: art2shift.weebly.com
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You might be asking "Who is this person?" I go by many names:
As a writer / painter / artist I use the name Jake Fier or Jake Rubinfier
When it comes to making a living I use the name Nick Rubinfier or Nicholas Rubinfier.
As a Teacher / Educator my students call me Mr. Fier.
And under all of these names I am the founder and creator of FierWorks.
You can contact me at NJakeFier@gmail.com

Last mini Update: April 19, 2014

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My Words for Today:
Most writing is full of paste, sticking together but only for the taste of glue. There is nothing that runs deep, carries in it a feeling, really it is only a shell that gives the illusion of a voice and in a moment forgotten. As writers when we are lucky if instead they caress us or sting us. I am ever reaching, but mostly my words pass over unnoiticed.

That's all for now...